I felt this is something I needed to write about , as in this day & age a policy like this is pretty foolish & could be seen as sexist.

Seeing as I was back home in London last week, I decided to head out to a couple of bars to kill a bit of time & check out any potential work opportunities.

one was in central London, the other was south of the river.  Neither bar was particularly busy as it was a week night & they both played similar music, which I knew as I had been to both places in the past.  What surprised me was as I approached both places, the doorman at each venue had stopped me & asked me was I with someone, as I was with nobody, I obviously said no.  The doorman then said to me ” SORRY, YOU CANT COME IN UNLESS YOUR WITH A WOMAN”.  Now when I heard this, in both instance’s I just laughed.  Then I said ” are you serious?”, & the doorman both said ” yes, it’s the managers policy”.

Now, the issue I have with this is simple, reverse the situation.  A woman approaches a bar/club hoping to meet her friends who are running late.  As the woman approaches the door of the bar, the doorman stops her, asks her if she is with anyone, seeing as she is on her own, the woman say’s no…then the doorman says ” SORRY, YOU CAN’T COME IN UNLESS YOUR WITH A MAN”.

Now, in my opinion & from what I know of the women I’ve known for a long time, if they were refused entry into a bar/club unless they turned up with a man, this would cause uproar & a lot of them would accuse the doorman/manager of being sexist..& rightfully so.

Its as rediculous as telling a lesbian woman, she can’t get into a bar/club of her choice unless she turns up with a man, so they look like a couple.

In my opinion, the management who work in these places & set up this policy, obviously have no level of common sense & how this & any other foolish policy, could lead to problems for them down the line.  What I find even stranger is, WHO HIRE’S THESE PEOPLE & EVEN WORSE WHO WOULD MAKE THEM A MANAGER?.

Mind you, I have to say though that this policy is actually nothing new, it’s been that way in some bars/clubs for ages, but the way I see it, in this day & age                 I would think management would be a bit more street smart & not put themselves in the line of fire of a potential case against them on the grounds discrimination.  Hey its just my opinion.




  1. that is a dumb rule. Luckily for my sake, if anyone sees me walking toward a club, they just shout ‘NO’ and I don’t have to explain to them why I was just heading to the library

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