The passion & interest in music & dance started for cav when he was a young child aged 3 – 4 years old.

Coming from a musical family, he got into music at a very early age & his way of expressing this was through dance which was his natural talent & was all self taught.

” During my primary school years, i got into popping, & me & my friends would frequently put on shows for the school. Most of the time at extremely short notice. lol .  During my older years, i was more so a New Jack Swing dancer, & it was after that period i took a long break from dancing & the whole dance scene.”

The music which inspired cav the most growing up was Funk, Hip Hop &  New Jack Swing & these influences show themselves in his popping dance style.

It was years later, one hot summer evening in 2002 that  cav was out with his brother & a few of his friends, on that night he cut loose & danced the night away & it was this that gave him the final push & motivation needed to step back into dance & do the best he can with it.

“I’ve learnt to enjoy dance alot more over the years, appreciate it, & to do the best i can with it.  By sticking to my strength’s & what i do best, i can express myself through music better”

Stepping into the creative world of dance/music has got his creative juices flowing & has motivated him into talking/writing about all other forms of  music/art in which cav has always had a keen interest.


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